PM66 EasyGoVac Aspirator

Choice of Power Source
The EasyGoVac models give you the option of a Lithium battery for faster re-charge times and no memory, a lead acid battery or an AC unit for lightweight non-portable use.

High Flow Rates
Even with filters, all models have high flow rates of between 20 and 26 L/min, with vacuum levels of 51 – 533mmHg.

Canister Options
All units are available with a dedicated 1,200cc re-useable canister or a standard 800cc canister.

Built-in Battery Charger
All battery models have a built-in charger, eliminating the need to carry a heavy external charger which can also be lost. Everything is inside the unit, to charge it, all you need to do is plug it in.

Easy to Use
All models have an easy to read “power source indicator”, “battery test indicator” (Li model only) “low battery warning light” and a “fully charged indicator” to make operation by the caregiver and/or patient easier. A convenient carry bag is included with all battery models.

Technical Specification:

Vacuum: 2 - 21 inHg (51-533 mmHg) Flow: ≥20 LPM (Unrestricted Free Flow) Battery Duration: 2 hours Battery Re-Charge Time: 2 hours AC Power Source 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz Warranty 2 years on unit
6 months on battery

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